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Composing a Life: The Next Next for Your Old-Timey Resume
1 Comment | posted March 20th, 2007 at 08:38 am by Courtney E. Martin

I went to a fascinating panel a couple of weeks ago at NYU, hosted by Americans for Informed Democracy called “Social Entrepreneurship and Global Change.”

Yeah, I had no idea what it meant either, but apparently me, you, and everyone we know (shout out to the mystically talented Miranda July) is one. (And, yes, July is one too.) As I understood it, if you are someone enacting creative solutions to social problems—and aren’t opposed to blurring the line a bit between nonprofit and profit, grassroots and government, pop culture and theory—then you can slap a fancy new title on your resume.

My favorite peeps on the panel were Witness Executive Director Gillian Caldwell, who is just one of those women you immediately want to quit your job and follow around to learn from (oh yeah, I don’t have a job), and Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at the Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Pace University, Jeff Trexler, who was having a total Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society moment the whole time.

He talked about how the ridiculously inflated starting salaries for lawyers and bankers in this country should not be seen as evidence of success in the industry, but evidence of failure; firms and corporations are so agonizing and soul-deadening to work for that they can do nothing but bribe the smartest college grads to come work for them, and then lose them early in the game when they re-grown a conscience and quit so their kids won’t scream “There’s a stranger in the house!” when they come home from business trips.

Anyway, here were some sites that they encouraged people look at if they are interested in learning more about social entrepreneurship: the Schwab Foundation, the Skoll Foundation, and Echoing Green.

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  1. quit so their kids won’t scream “There’s a stranger in the house!” - LOVE

    March 20th, 2007 | 10:13 pm

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