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Stakes Is High: This Week’s Wow Award
1 Comment | posted April 22nd, 2007 at 09:12 am by Felice Belle


Every now then I hear a piece of news that leaves me speechless. Not that there are no words to say, just that in the moment I cannot find them.

When this happens my default response is, “wow.”

Short, simple, to the point. Communicating just the right amount of shock, awe and/or wonder.

This week, I’d like to present my first ever Wow Award to a German Army training video. According to the BBC, “during the filmed training session, an instructor tells the soldier: ‘You’re in the Bronx, a black van pulls up in front of you and three African-Americans get out and start really insulting your mother… act!’”

(On so many levels).

I have a lot more to say about this. But for now “wow” will have to suffice.

Next week: What 50 Cent and the German Army have in common.

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  1. Tommy Watkins

    yeah, wow. I heard about that on the radio one day while driving and I almost had an accident. Scary s*&t.

    April 24th, 2007 | 9:23 am

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