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Book Tour Blog: The Polar Opposite of Loneliness
No Comments | posted April 20th, 2007 at 08:45 am by Courtney E. Martin

Describing my book party turns out to be one of those rare occassions when words seem inadequate to me, but I’ll still give it a try.

It felt like almost every person I have ever loved, respected, walked beside, drank next to, sung with, embraced, worried about, debated with–and did I mention loved?–was in one sweet, little downtown bar. I wanted to press pause and walk around, inspect all of these incredible people from all different parts of my incredible life. It all moved so fast, seemingly propelled forward at warp speed by the sheer force of that many brilliant and beautiful people in one space.

It also got me thinking about community. In the midst of the tragedy in Virginia, it felt as if my book party was this undeniable, even visual representation of how held someone can feel when they are surrounded by community. It was the polar opposite of loneliness and despair. I wish I could have bottled it, both for myself in future pessimistic turns, and for anyone who doesn’t have the soaring, pure feeling of being unconditionally loved by so many.

All of this is to say, of course, thank you. That sense of community made every emotional risk, late night, hurdled self-doubt, confusion, fear, sad story that have been a part of this book process totally worth it. I have no doubt that my words matter, and as my dear friends know, that is a profound knowing for me.

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