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Stakes Is High: The Flavor of Love
2 Comments | posted April 08th, 2007 at 11:47 am by Felice Belle

Flavor Flaaaav!

With 3.3.million viewers, Flavor of Love 2 was the highest rated series debut on VH1 until it was bested by its spin-off I Love New York, which netted 4.43 million viewers.

Clearly VH1 hopes to strike ratings gold with the newest addition to the franchise — Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School.

Charm School will follow thirteen of the “breakout stars” from Flavor of Love, seasons one and two, as they compete in self improvement and etiquette-based challenges. The last woman standing will win $50,000 to help her achieve her life’s dream.

According to the video blogs on the VH1 website, Serious (not her real name) hopes to start a non-profit called Be A Role Model, while Smiley (also a fake name) aspires to “teach all of America […] to be their sexy selves” through the art of pole dancing.

Flavor Flav, admittedly bad at remembering names, gave all of his girls nicknames which they continue to use. Rule of thumb: if on first meeting the man you are pursuing gives you an alias because remembering your real name proves too difficult for him, your relationship is doomed. But none of these women actually wanted a relationship with Flav, did they?

Flavor Flav is not a filthy rich celebrity; he just played one on TV. In reality Flav, has seven children and a questionable record of child support payment. Big Rick, Flav’s butler on the hit show, was most likely an actor in need of a gig. The palatial mansion, a set created for the show. In season one, when Hottie talks about turning another girl’s room into a study after she’s won Flav’s heart, you have to wonder whether she has any idea that everything about the show is fake.

Welcome to Celebreality. It’s all about appearances.

All of Flav’s girls fall into the category of aspiring model slash actress slash sometime porn star slash singer slash comedian. While some of the ladies still say they went on the show to find love, all admit it was a means to furthering their career. And it worked. Krazy gets VIP access at the club. Toastee gets stopped for autographs on the street. And now the ladies have earned their own show. Who could ask for anything more?

VH1 stands to make millions of advertising dollars on the backs of women who apparently want nothing more than to be seen and heard (and occasionally stopped by strangers in the mall). $50,000 goes a long way toward achieving one’s dream, but it pales in comparison to maintaining one’s dignity.

I expect Charm School to feature endless amounts of cursing and catfights. But seeing thirteen grown women debase themselves on a weekly basis holds little entertainment value for me, so I won’t be watching. Fortunately for VH1, millions of other viewers will.

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  1. Theo Gangi

    I won’t watch it either. But damn if ‘I love NY’ isn’t escapist entertainment of the highest order.

    April 8th, 2007 | 7:52 pm
  2. *shudder*

    April 9th, 2007 | 8:20 am

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